ProAction Physical Therapy is excited to offer  customized Pilates mat sessions by a Master Pilates Instructor and Physical Therapist. The practice of Pilates promotes efficient and fluid movement patterns with these basic principles:

  • Core strengthening
  • Balanced muscle development
  • Whole body movement and integration
  • Organization of head, neck and shoulders
  • Spinal elongation
  • Breathing and concentration
  • Centering, precision and rhythm

The instructor will target and make modifications based on your specific needs and any problematic areas. Pilates for sports-specific training is available as well, such as for ice skaters, gymnasts and dancers.

Each class will be held for 45 minutes. Pricing of the class is as follows and requires a 6 session commitment.

Individual session: $120.00
Duo (two people): $60.00 per person
Three to Four people: $35.00 per person

Call our office at 301-881-CARE (2273) for further details and to sign up!

“Thanks so much again for all of your support. I wasn’t getting better and had been through so much therapy (elsewhere) and within the first visit you unlocked my joints and decreased my pain tremendously. So psyched to finally start to get back to enjoying life!”

– Harmony H.