Our therapists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of orthopedic injuries. We will use our expert knowledge to identify the cause(s) of your pain and restore proper biomechanics to allow you to have painfree mobility and function. Your goals will help guide your rehabilitation program and optimize your every activity and movement!

Conditions we treat:


  • herniated disc
  • sciatica
  • neck, back, sacroiliac joint pain
  • arthritis
  • spondylolisthesis
  • joint sprain
  • muscle strain
  • fractures
  • post-partum
  • spinal fusion
  • laminectomy

Shoulder and Elbow

  • arthritis
  • rotator cuff tears
  • labral tears
  • lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow)
  • bursitis
  • fractures
  • rotator cuff repair
  • labral repair
  • total shoulder replacement


  • arthritis
  • labral tears
  • bursitis
  • labral repairs
  • total joint replacement
  • stress fractures


  • total joint replacements
  • meniscal tears
  • patello-femoral pain
  • chondromalacia
  • sprains
  • strains
  • arthritis
  • patellofemoral syndrome
  • chondromalacia
  • ITB tendonitis
  • meniscal repairs/meniscectomies
  • ACL repairs
  • MCL/LCL repairs


  • plantarfasciitis
  • heel pain
  • neuroma
  • arthritis
  • achilles tendonitis/tendonopathy
  • posterior tibial tendonitis/tendonopathy
  • peroneal tendonitis/tendonopathy
  • bursitis
  • shin splints
  • bunionectomies
  • ankle fusion
  • great toe fusion
  • ankle reconstruction
  • achilles repair
  • stress fractures
  • total ankle replacement

“I tore my MCL and was on crutches for 8 weeks. Thanks to Ken and ProAction, I was running again and did the Marine Corps Marathon- my first marathon!”

– Christine S.

“I want to personally thank you for helping me through my piriformis syndrome.  With your treatments and guidance, I was able to have an enjoyable and invigorating trip to Alaska.  I have since returned and I am back to work singing your praises everyday.  Your ability to understand the anatomy, physiology and then coordinate treatment was truly remarkable!  I am now certain that when I refer my patients to you they will get the best treatment possible.  Thank you so much”.

– Zachary L.