Sports Injuries

We share your passion for sports, and treat all athletes from middle school to adulthood. Whether you are just picking up a sport or are at the top of your game, we have the expert care to allow you to participate safely, successfully, and painfree.

Ensuring proper biomechanics will reduce excessive loading of your joints and minimize stress on the musculoskeletal system. Besides assessing your biomechanics, we will assess your strengths and weaknesses, and provide expert advice and guidance on how to improve these areas. Reviewing training methods, footwear, and prior exercise and stretching routines are also an integral part of your care. Identifying factors that led to your injury and may set you up for future injury are an important part of your assessment.

We get you back onto the field or into the gym as quickly as possible.

Timely and consistent physical therapy leads to quicker recovery and success.

Common injuries we treat:

  • tendonitis/tendonopathy
  • bursitis
  • joint/ligament sprains/tears
  • muscle strains
  • dislocations
  • fractures
  • muscle tears
  • meniscal injuries
  • labral injuries

After recovering from a third degree shoulder separation, I found that I had a lack of mobility and flexibility. I went to see ProAction PT and within a few sessions, I literally experienced immediate results. My strength and flexibility returned to my pre injury levels. Originally I was told that I needed surgery, but after letting it heal naturally and going to ProAction PT, I now continue to play sports with no deficits. I directly relate my positive recovery to ProAction PT.

– Jonathan F.