Running Injuries

ProAction Physical Therapy Keeps You Running!

Runners are in a class by themselves, from the beginners to the elite. As a runner, you want to go to a Physical Therapist who understands runners. You want someone with years of experience treating runners. And you want someone with a long, successful track record of helping runners achieve their goals- from running just a few miles painfree to completing ultra-marathons.

No matter what your ability, no runner wants to be told to stop running. Actually, most running injuries occur due to training errors, which means that most injuries are preventable. 

Our personalized evaluations include identifying your strengths, weaknesses, postural imbalances, and appropriate footwear, as well as examining training schedules and running form. We will determine the source of your problem, design a specific rehab program based on our findings, and suggest modifications to your training if needed.

We are proud to offer our Stride Tuning Session: one-on-one assessment using state of the art videotape analysis. We use Dartfish technology to implement the powerful tool of visual feedback to improve your running form and efficiency. This videotape will be emailed to you with our findings and suggestions.

Our Stride Tuning Session includes:

  • Videotape analysis
  • Assessment of form
  • Review of training schedule
  • Footwear assessment
  • Advice on injury prevention
  • Supportive strengthening and stretching

Fees: Injury-related evaluations and services will be billed through your private insurance plan. Our special Stride Tuning Session has a self-pay fee of $190.

“Your knowledge of running form and state of the art video techniques were instrumental in helping me overcome my decade long strength imbalances. You solved a problem that many PTs over many years were not able to solve.”

– Jason N.